Študentski klub Kamnik EN

Administrative Unit Kamnik – 1817 studentd

Municipalities: Kamnik, Komenda

Club room offers to members a lot of interesting things. The members have free use of computers and the Internet, but they also offer free spiral binding of seminar papers, scripts, and photocopies. You can read a lot of interesting magazines and daily newspapers. They also collect plastic bottle tops to help the children at-risk. You can also view pictures from club competitions that adorn the walls of the club premises. Currently the club walls are adorned with photos of participants of the photographic competition “Zima”.

“Študentski klub Kamnik” offers their member a number of benefits, whether it’s discounts, special offers or other ŠKK goodies. (Almost) all the benefits are produced in partnership with business partners – service providers or shops or clubs and societies.

Recreation is free for club members. To recreation is entitled any member of ŠKK that applies for exercise or a specific term. Applications are required and mandatory. Anyone can apply themselves and for different time frames (one position – one term – one application). They organize volleyball, soccer and florball. In the field of culture the club offers a discount on membership fees for Kamnik library, KUD France Bernik Domžale, Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik and Miha Maleš Gallery.

Discounts and benefits in reputed restaurants in Kamnik and its surroundings (Napoli, Falafel, Pizza Jump, Palačinkarna Lectar, Okrepčevalnica DeCecco) were enabled by mutual cooperation. They also subsidize transportation for disadvantaged students, and ski passes for the Slovenian ski resorts.

The club also provides a free Day at sea and a Day on the snow for socially disadvantaged students. In addition, it also offers free travel lectures, employment workshop, graduates workshops, free concerts and events. It also organizes various courses such as dance, swimming, climbing, skiing, photoshop, digital photography, foreign languages (optional), sailing, crafts. Every year, they set up to trips and excursions: Balkans, Milan, Gardaland, Sarajevo, Postojna Cave, Škocjanske caves, Venezia, Springbreak Rovinj / Kanegra etc.

Charity and Social Projects: (December 1, presentation of faculties at the high schools, blood donating week, Let’s clean Slovenia, subsidized ŠOLT courses)
Ski-day and multi-day ski tours including ski courses.
Student sports tournaments in beach volleyball, tennis, football, skiing and poker and tarok, “Mestna Avantura Kamnik”.

Festivals: “Kamfest”, “Kamsport”, “Mestna avantura Kamnik”, “Pozdrav iz kotla”, “Študent&Muzika”, “ŠKK Poletje”.

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