Student club Ptjeln

Adminstrative Unit Novo mesto – 4040 students

In the autumn of 2004, in the kitchen of student apartment in Vič an idea was created. During the evenings they started debating of an establishment of a new local student club. They thought about what the small municipality needs and they started working on starting the club. In the spring of 2005 “Študentski klub Ptjeln” was founded.

A lot of good will, effort and time were needed, but at the end a working group of different generations was formed. Their goal was to be an active member, who is ready to provide a useful, innovative proposal which will be achieved together. The team became bigger and stronger. Links between generations were formed. They joined ideas of young members and through the help of experienced students, they realized them.

Freshman Party, the largest ŠKP project, is conducted in November and is active every year since the establishment of the club. Such an event was never held in the local area and because of that it attracts a great deal of visitors, young and of course older, which have already completed their study. The evening takes place in a relaxed, slightly competitive spirit of the new members. At the end they make an oath to the commitment of the club.

The team of ŠKPT takes care of the sports activities for their members. Tournaments are usually held in August on the municipal holiday. This year’s novelty will be a night tournament, as they took care of the lightning of the sports field. In this year they will also start with a project called “Aktivno poletje”. It will be held in the summer evenings, when the sports conditions are a little more appropriate. In the winter they organize a basketball tournament in the hall, which serves as a training for participation in the local basketball league during winter months.

Other projects of the club include literary evenings, travel lectures, “Orijentacijski pohod”, “Čolnarjenje, birthday of the club in Ljubljana.

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