Student club Sevnica

Administrative Unit Sevnica – 951 students

Municipality: Sevnica

“Študentski klub Sevnica” (ŠKS) was established in 2003 at the initiative of a group of students who have had a common goal to establish a strong student organization in the area of the Administrative Unit Sevnica. Work of the ŠKS is based on voluntary activity and self-initiative. “Študentski klub Sevnica” is a nonprofit organization that strives for the establishment of a strong youth organization, which can be identified by students and high school students. The program of the club is based on club projects, which are designed for their target group – students. Cultural, educational, sporting and other projects are available to students at subsidized prices.

ŠKS is an organizer and supporter of most youth projects in Sevnica. Its events are conducted in the premises of the youth center in Sevnica, in other places in Sevnica and elsewhere outside of their hometown. ŠKS offices are in the building of the Sevnica pool, where they offer regular office hours.

The purpose of the club is interconnections with students, informing the students and offering them a place to socialize. In addition to organizing and funding the events, the club also offers subsidies and discounts to its members.

Festival Grand Rock Sevnica is taking place since 2003 and is the largest rock festival in Posavje. It has hosted many young promising as well as known bands. It is the only festival in the region, which has a very unique location (13th century Castle, standing on a hill above the old town. The festival has in all those years promoted Sevnica and has encouraged the youth to engage more actively in the public life.

To encourage the gatherings of the students, they started organizing “Vejžde žur” in cities where their members are studying. They organized a project, which was held simultaneously at two locations, in Maribor and Ljubljana. Because of a large attendance they decided to repeat the event in the hometown. The project was held in May and consisted of cultural evening and a social program.

Other bigger projects are: subsidies for young student families, subsidies of the monthly bus tickets, winter sports discounts, summer sports discount, discounts for language courses, trip discounts, May holiday in Rovinj, skiing in France and travel lectures.

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