Študentski klub Žalec

Administrative unit Žalec – 2126 students

Municipalities: Žalec, Polzela, Prebold, Tabor, Vransko in Braslovče

“Študentski klub Žalec is a nonprofit organization that looks after the needs of students and high school students in the area of the Administrative Unit Žalec. Most of the work is focused on the projects that are the most popular. They offer discounts for various fields (entertainment, sports, education) and organize a variety of projects throughout the year. The most prominent projects are: Ski weekend, Aqualuna party swimming, trips in May and on New Year’s, “Gardaland”, karaoke tournament, poker tournament and stand-up comedy.

They want to see the club as the most prominent organization in the Administrative Unit Žalec and they want to be the leading organization in meeting the needs of students. They want to create a quality everyday life of students, high school students and other young people.

The largest project of the student club is “Žalska noč mladih”, which takes place at the end of the school year in the last week of June. The event is made up of evening concerts on two stages (rock stage and electronic stage). Every year we host established Slovenian and foreign musicians.

At the start of the new school year they prepare an event called “Pozdrav šolskemu letu”, which is intended for students and high school students from the region. The purpose of the event is to connect new students with the more experienced students in a series of fun group games and of course an indispensable concert.

Other major projects include bonfire, carnival, International AIDS Day, travel lectures, courses, sports tournaments, cultural evenings and trips.

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