Štunf festival

Multi-day cultural project takes place annually in one of Slovenian cities. The ŠKIS Association co-organizes the festival with the student club that presents the idea of the project and is selected by the ŠKIS Association Commission. The project is designed to express new ideas in the field of art and culture. The young people are given an opportunity to express themselves in the artistic and cultural sense and present their work.

Each year prior to the project organizers announces a competition for the best works of art. Competitions vary from year to year, but include poetry, haiku, comic books etc. All selected works of art are presented on the opening night of the “Štunf festival”. This is also the motivation for young people to express themselves through art and to spend quality free time. The festival is also an opportunity for youth to socialize with other artists from all over Slovenia.

“Štunf festival” already took place in several Slovenian cities, in Škofja Loka, Nova Gorica, Ravne na Koroškem, Koper, Kranj, Novo mesto, Laško, Hrastnik, Sežana, Ajdovščina and Ormož. In the current academic year the co-organizer is “Klub mariborskih študentov”.

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