Turkish cultural night

Sounds like a Turkish Wind in Slovenia

Turkish Cultural Night took place at ŠOS, Ljubljana, Slovenia on Tuesday, 26th of November. This event was created as part of EVS project. Event was opened for everyone who want to join us. We sent invitation to Turkish Embassy in Slovenia,  Erasmus students in Slovenia, EVS volunteers in Slovenia and all activists of ŠKIS. At the end  we welcomed more than 70 guests. I am so glad that the officers of Turkish Embassy were also welcomed.  Purpose of the project was to show  Turkish culture to the guests and to make them recognised the common/different things between the cultures. The main idea was to create a  bridge between different cultures.

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The role of cultural events can be a key for regional and social development. To learn different cultures make the society open minded, social and democratic. To show respect for differences between the  cultures, as individual gains, world citizenship and active citizenship cases can be summarized as strengthened. Cultural learning process is the part of development process.

The program started  at 7pm with presentation of Turkey (identity of Turkey,videos,traditional songs,…). After presentation we served the traditional turkish food and drinks (raki,turkish tea). During the night,  I had a surprise for all guests. The bellydancer (Helena) presented traditional oriental dance. Show was amazing. We finished the program at 11pm.

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It was an amazing experience for me and I couldn’t make it without help so I want to say Thank you to, Turkish Embassy in Slovenia, Yildizhan Turkish Restaurant in Slovenia, Eva Omerza (my mentor), Adisa Dizdarević (my coordinator), David Sotoca (Volunteer and Official Photographer for ŠKIS) and all activists of ŠKIS for helping me during the organization.


Autroh: Busra Sentepe (EVS)

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