Everybody on ŠKIS!

The traditional event “Vsi na ŠKIS” was in recent years updated and has now in co-organization with the student club turned into a real “spectacle on snow”. It is a sports day full of adrenaline, relaxation and socializing. Young people from all over Slovenia spend this day on one of the Slovenian ski resort.

The event begins in the morning with beginner and intermediate ski and snowboarding courses and continues with a varied afternoon program. Participants have the opportunity to learn or refresh their knowledge of ski and snowboard techniques, learn about new developments in skiing and to have fun with good music. All in a bit more adventurous mood can also try to ride with extravagant props, such as snow-bike, “pležuh”, snowblade and similar. In the afternoon a parallel ski race takes place, where young people from all over Slovenia compete in a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to win you have to ski with style and entertain the audience.

All those who do not want to ski have the opportunity to compete in social games such as paintball tournament on snow. In the evening sports day ends with a party with all the participants and good concert music. Each year over 600 young skiers attend the project.

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