World culinary art in one place

Like every year before, an important part of ŠKIS Fair is also International Ocean. Members of ŠKIS’ international board make sure that students from all over Slovenia met up with students from abroad. For the past years, International Ocean is an opportunity for intercultural dialog, building bridges and cooperation among youth. It is indispensable part of ŠKIS Fair since it contributes necessary international scheme.

This year ŠKIS Fair is celebrating 19th birthday. Special emphasis will be on culinary art, especially the richness and diversity between Slovenian regions. No doubt, International Ocean will follow the lead. Students, volunteers, members of minorities will share their national culture through culinary specialities of their countries. Above all students will be able to share experiences and learn more about youth mobility from first hand.

By getting together youngsters from different countries, we would like to encourage and broaden intercultural collaboration and add international spirit to the ŠKIS Fair.

If you want to be a part of International Ocean, please let us know. You can find additional information here.

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